No. 492: “Promise, Witness, Remembrance,” Magic Realism

Episode No. 492 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Allison Glenn and Jeffrey Richmond-Moll.

Glenn is the curator of “Promise, Witness, Remembrance,” at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville. The exhibition reflects on the life of Breonna Taylor, an emergency medical technician who was killed by Louisville police, and the subsequent year of protests and remembrance. The exhibition is on view through June 6. Glenn is a curator at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Artists in “Promise, Witness, Remembrance” who have been guests on The MAN Podcast include Bethany Collins, Kerry James Marshall (twice), Lorna Simpson and Amy Sherald; artists whose work has been the subject of MAN Podcast episodes include: Terry Adkins (with Stephaine Weissberg) and Sherald (on the Vanity Fair cover with Nzinga Simmons). A clip from Jon-Sesrie Goff’s 2016 A Site of Reckoning: Battlefield is here.

On the second segment Jeffrey Richmond-Moll discusses “Extra Ordinary: Magic, Mystery and Imagination in American Art” at the Georgia Museum of Art. The exhibition surveys American artists who rejected abstraction to make representational, often hyper-real paintings that addressed the strangeness of changing, churning American life. The exhibition is on view through June 13. The excellent exhibition catalogue was published by GMOA. Amazon offers it for about $50.

Instagram: Allison Glenn, Tyler Green.

Air date: April 8, 2021.

Terry Adkins, Divine Mute, 1998; Muffled Drums, 2003 as installed at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis.

Amy Sherald, Breonna Taylor, 2020.

Bethany Collins, The Star Spangled Banner: A Hymnal, 2020.

Nari Ward, We the People, 2011.

T.A. Yero, Healing, June 15, 2020, 7:41 pm.

Sam Gilliam, Carousel Form II, 1969.

Sam Gilliam, Norfolk Keels (detail), 1998.

Art in America, September/October, 1970.

Nick Cave, Unarmed, 2018.

Peter Blume, Study for South of Scranton, 1930.

Helen Lundeberg, Selma, 1957.

O. Louis Guglielmi, Tenements, 1939.

Hughie Lee-Smith, Contemplating My Future, 1954.

Andrew Wyeth, James Loper, 1952.

Honore Sharrer, Young Man Standing on the Fountain, 1988.

Alexandre Hogue, Erosion No. 2 — Mother Laid Bare, 1936.

Eldzier Cortor, Southern Landscape, 1941.


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