No. 474: Terry Adkins, Mari Carmen Ramírez

Episode No. 474 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Stephanie Weissberg and Mari Carmen Ramírez.

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts is presenting “Terry Adkins: Resounding” through February 7, 2021. a survey of more than 40 works from across Adkins’s career, including several installations that have not been exhibited since Adkins debuted them. It also includes books, musical instruments and other objects from Adkins’s own collection. Adkins was a pioneer in blending sculpture, sound, performance and other media in his engagement with the canon of African American culture. The exhibition was curated by Weissberg with Heather Alexis Smith. The Pulitzer’s exhibition guide is available online for free; the exhibition website also includes a reading list, a video walkthrough, and more.

On the second segment, we continue our consideration of the opening installations in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s new, Steven Holl-designed, 237,000-square-foot Kinder Building. This week’s program features MFAH curator Mari Carmen Ramírez, MFAH’s curator of Latin American art and director of the museum’s International Center for the Arts of the Americas, on her new galleries and installations. Episode No. 472 featured MFAH photography curator Malcolm Daniel on his Kinder Building-opening presentations.

Air date: December 3, 2020.

Terry Adkins, Divine Mute, 1998 as installed at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis.

Terry Adkins, Divine Mute, 1998; Muffled Drumes, 2003 as installed at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis.

Terry Adkins, Last Trumpet, 1995.

Terry Adkins, Ascension Academy, 1989.

Gego, Drawing Without Paper, 85/12, 1985.

Joaquín Torres García, Abstract Tubular Composition, 1937.

Joaquín Torres García, Estructura en colores puros, 1929.

Camilo Ontiveros, Temporary Storage The belongings of Juan Manuel Montes, 2009/17.

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