No. 493: Buck Ellison, Louis Sloan

Episode No. 493 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Buck Ellison and curator Lewis Tanner Moore.

Buck Ellison is included in “Made in LA 2020: a vision,” the fifth iteration of the Hammer Museum’s biennial. The exhibition, curated by Myriam Ben Salah and Lauren Mackler with the Hammer’s Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, opens to the general public on April 17 at both the Hammer and The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Gardens. Online and offsite projects by Larry Johnson and Kahlil Joseph, Ligia Lewis, and Justen LeRoy on view now.

Ellison is a photographer whose work often engages the social codes (and excesses) of whiteness. “Living Trust,” his first monograph, investigates the presentation of white privilege, often through staged and performed pictures. It won the 2020 Paris Photo-Aperture First Photobook of the Year Award.

Five “Made in LA 2020” artists have been featured on The MAN Podcast: Monica Majoli and Mario Ayala; Jill Mulleady and Umar Rashid; and Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork.

On the second segment, Lewis Tanner Moore discusses painter Louis Sloan, whose work is on view in “Barriers and Disparities: Housing in America” at the Sheldon Museum of Art. Sloan had a long, celebrated career as a painter, teacher and conservator in Philadelphia. Moore curated a survey of Sloan’s work at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.

Instagram: Buck Ellison, Tyler Green.

Air date: April 15, 2021.

Buck Ellison, Hotchkiss v. Taft #2, 2017.

Buck Ellison, Christmas Card #8, 2017.

Buck Ellison, Husbands, 2014.

Buck Ellison, Sierra, Gymnastics Routine. 2015.

Buck Ellison, Erik with Kitty, Blackwater Training Center, Moyock, North Carolina, 1998, 2019.

Buck Ellison, Untitled (Stamps), 2019.

Dick, Dan, Doug, The Everglades Club, Palm Beach, Florida, 1990, 2019.

Nicolas Poussin, Et in Arcadia ego (aka Les bergers d’Arcadie or The Arcadian Shepherds), 1637-38.

Buck Ellison, Pasta Night, 2016.

John Currin, Homemade Pasta, 1999.

Louis Sloan, Self-Portrait, 1956.

Louis Sloan, Backyards, 1955.

Louis Sloan, Manayunk, 1959.

Louis Sloan, Rooftops, 1975.

Louis Sloan, Gathering Storm over Philadelphia, ca. 1961.

Louis Sloan, Seascape #2, 1980.

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