No. 200: Our greatest hits

Episode No. 200 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast looks back at almost four years of conversations with a special episode that features some of our favorite MAN Podcast moments.

Producer/host Tyler Green and editor Wilson Butterworth selected nine segments that they recall fondly. Guests include:

  • Jana Winderen on sound art (Episode No. 91);
  • Robert Barry on making art out of radio waves (Episode No. 174);
  • Zoe Strauss on choosing art-making over having children (Episode No. 10);
  • Vija Celmins on exhibiting her work in Latvia after leaving as a World War II-era refugee (Episode No. 105);
  • Mark Bradford on being a gay high-schooler and his need for creative outlets (Episode No. 19);
  • Sheila Hicks on what she learns from Alexander Calder, Pierre Bonnard and others (Episode No. 152);
  • Richard Serra on an ex-felon’s reaction to the Pulitzer Arts Foundation’s Joe (Episode No. 18);
  • Barry McGee on what he learned from his late wife Margaret Kilgallen (Episode No. 144); and
  • Jacob Kirkegaard on sound art (Episode No. 91).

Wilson Butterworth’s website and work may be found here. Take a look at the most recent work, Sound Suit, which is related to a couple of Butterworth’s selections for this program.

This week’s banner is from Zoe Strauss’ Stay Alive (2001-08).

Air date: September 3, 2015.

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