No. 181: Marco Breuer, Saskia Olde Wolbers

Episode No. 181 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artists Marco Breuer and Saskia Olde Wolbers.

Marco Breuer does things to photographic paper. He cuts it, burns it and stresses it in all manner of ways to make extrarodinary abstractions that are full of color and often reference to other artists’ work. He’s one of seven artists in an exhibition that just opened at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. “Light, Paper, Process: Reinventing Photography” features artists who create photographic works that reveal, often simultaneously, their making and unmaking. The show, which was curated by Virginia Heckert, is on view through September 6. The show’s strong catalogue was published by Getty Publications.

Breuer’s work is in the collection of most major American art museums, including SFMOMA, the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. His most recent American solo museum show was in 2011 at the de Young in San Francisco. Late last year Black Dog Publishing in London published his most recent book, “Marco Breuer: Col * or.”

Breuer is one of three artists in the exhibition who has previously been on The MAN Podcast: I first talked with Breuer three years ago on the second segment of Episode
No. 30. James Welling and Alison Rossiter have been on the program as well.

The second segment features part of a conversation recorded with Saskia Olde Wolbers in 2014. Wolbers’ “Yes, These Eyes Are the Windows,” premieres net week at the Munich festival Kino der Kunst. The piece starts with Vincent van Gogh’s living in Brixton, London in 1873, which actually happened, before tracing how van Gogh’s ghostly presence may have influenced the futures of the house and its owners. Wolbers created the work as part of an Artangel commission.

Air date: April 23, 2015.

Marco Breuer, Spin (C-824), 2008.

Marco Breuer, Spin (C-824), 2008.

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-62), 2002.

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-62), 2002.

Marco Breuer, Untitled (Heat/Gun), 2001.

Marco Breuer, Untitled (Heat/Gun), 2001.

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-1159), 2012.

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-1159), 2012.


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