No. 549: Aubrey Levinthal, Doron Langberg

Episode No. 549 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artists Aubrey Levinthal and Doron Langberg.

Levinthal and Langberg are included in “A Place for Me: Figurative Painting Now” at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. The exhibition, which was curated by Ruth Erickson, spotlights painters who are particularly interested in depicting what is near and dear to them, including friends, lovers, family, studio spaces, and their homes. “A Place for Me” is at the ICA through September 5.

Aubrey Levinthal is a Philadelphia-based artist whose work explores the everyday in ways that engage with painting’s history. She’s shown her work in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Philadelphia. In addition to the ICA Boston exhibition, Levinthal’s work is in “Women of Now: Dialogues of Memory, Place & Identity” at the Green Family Art Foundation in Dallas. It was curated by Clare Milliken and Bailey Summers, and is on view through May 15.

Doron Langberg is a New York-based artist whose often large-scale works explore intimacy, color and touch. Langberg has been included in group shows at the RISD Museum, the Frick Madison, and the LSU Museum. His work is in the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the RISD Museum.

Instagram: Aubrey Levinthal, Doron Langberg, Tyler Green.

Air date: May 12, 2022.

Aubrey Levinthal, Bar Stools, 2021.

Aubrey Levinthal, Visiting, 2021.

Aubrey Levinthal, Antiques Enthusiast, 2018.

Aubrey Levinthal, Egg Breakfast, 2020.

Aubrey Levinthal, Flower Bath, 2017.

Aubrey Levinthal, Mirror with Curtain, 2020.

Aubrey Levinthal, Nightstand 5, 2021.

Aubrey Levinthal, 4pm Subway, 2021.

Aubrey Levinthal, Alex and I (Sink), 2020.

Aubrey Levinthal, Window Shopper, 2021.

Aubrey Levinthal, Night Fridge (Milk), 2019.

Aubrey Levinthal, Young Therapist, 2019.

Doron Langberg, Doorway, 2012.

Doron Langberg, Untitled, 2013.

Doron Langberg, Bather, 2021.

Doron Langberg, Morning 1, 2018.

Doron Langberg, Sleeping 1, 2020.

Paul Cadmus, Jerry, 1931.

Doron Langberg, Fouad, 2020.

Doron Langberg, Daniel Reading, 2019.

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