No. 497: Printing the Revolution, Michael Menchaca

Episode No. 497 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curator E. Carmen Ramos and artist Michael Menchaca.

Ramos has curated “¡Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now,” which is at the Smithsonian American Art Museum through August 8. (SAAM re-opens on Friday, May 14 with separate, timed-entry passes required for each of its buildings.) Ramos was assisted by Claudia Zapata. Menchaca is among the artists included in the exhibition.

“¡Printing the Revolution!” reveals how activist Chicano artists from the 1960s forward have engaged in printmaking practices that brought social activism to aesthetics and that helped instigate new political and cultural consciousness among people of Mexican descent in the U.S. The fantastic exhibition catalogue was published by Princeton University Press. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for $38 and up.

Links, including those promised on the program:

Menchaca is also included in “Estamos Bien – La Triennial 20/21,” which is on view at El Museo del Barrio in New York through September 26. It was curated by Rodrigo Moura, Susanna V. Temkin and Elia Alba. Menchaca is also presently in residence at Artpace San Antonio.

Menchaca uses both print and new media to disrupt racist narratives that target Black and indigenous people by creating anti-colonial, anti-racist and anti-capitalist scenes.  He has had solo exhibitions at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, and the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. His recent group show credits include the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Davis Museum at Wellesley College.

See Menchaca’s Enter the Border Round 7 series here.

Instagram: E. Carmen Ramos, Tyler Green.

Air date: May 13, 2021.

Malaquias Montoya, Yo Soy Chicano, 1972.

Andrew Zermeño, Huelga!, 1966.

Xavier Viramontes, Boycott Grapes, Support the United Farm Workers Union, 1973.

Barbara Carrasco, Dolores, 1999.

Juan Fuentes, Many Mandelas, 1986.

Jesus Barraza, Dignidad Rebelde; and Nancypili Hernandez, Indian Land, 2010.

Luis Jiménez, Howl, 1977.

Michael Menchaca, El Coyote, 2010.

Richard Duardo, Aztlan, 1982.

Gilbert “Magu” Luján, Cruising Turtle Island, 1986.

Sonia Romero, Bee Pile, 2010.

Malaquias Montoya, George Jackson Lives, 1976.

Juan Fuentes, January/February from La Raza Graphic Center’s 1983 Political Art Calendar, 1982.

Ricardo Favela, RCAF, Centennial Means 500 Years of Genocide!, 1976.

Patssi Valdez, LA/TJ, 1987

Oscar Melara, José Martí, 1976.

Malaquias Montoya, Julio 26 – Cuba Vietnam y Nosotros Venceremos, 1972.

Max E. Garcia and Luis C. Gonzalez, The Last Papa with the Big Potatoe (October), from Calendario de Comida 1976, 1975.

Michael Menchaca, Cuando El Rio Suena Gatos Lleva, 2011.

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