No. 458: Cabinet cards, “True to Nature”

Episode No. 458 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators John Rohrbach and Mary Morton.

Rohrbach is the curator of “Acting Out: Cabinet Cards and Modern Photography,” which opens on Tuesday, August 18 at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth. The exhibition examines how cabinet cards became the primary format for photographic portraiture between roughly the end of the Civil War and 1900. It shows how photography studios and their customers used photography as a means of personal and individual expression, as well as how cabinet cards reflected celebrity culture. It will be on view through November 1. The exhibition catalogue was published by the Amon Carter in association with University of California Press. It is available from Amazon and through Indiebound for $45.

On the second segment, Mary Morton discusses “True to Nature: Open-Air Painting in Europe, 1780–1870,” which is on view at the National Gallery of Art in Washington through November 29. Morton co-curated “True to Nature” with Ger Luitjen and Jane Munro. The exhibition examines how painting en plein air was a core practice for European artists in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and how they traveled to sites as diverse as the Roman Campagna, the Swiss Alps, the Baltic coast and the streets of Paris to paint outdoors. The exhibition features over 100 oil sketches made by artists such as Corot, Constable, Denis and more. The exhibition catalogue, published by Paul Holberton, is a particular delight. It is available from Amazon and through Indiebound for around $45. For images, please see Episode No. 437, on which this segment first aired.

Air date: August 13, 2020.

Napoleon Sarony, Henry James Montague, ca. 1874.

Napoleon Sarony, Fanny Davenport, ca. 1870.

Napoleon Sarony, Joseph Jefferson, 1868.

Benjamin J. Falk, Helena Luy, 1880s.

Jose Maria Mora, Jeffreys Lewis and Emily Rigl in “Exiles,” 1880s.

JW Taylor, Caroline Hughes Hannum, age 9, 1889; age 10, 1890.

W. Francis Grubb, Caroline Hughes Hannum, age 11, 1891; age 12, 1892.

W.C. Bell, Caroline Hughes Hannum, age 13, 1893; age 14, 1894.

J. LaFayette, Two women, 1880s.

Charles O. Campbell, Unknown woman, 1890s.

George and Thomas Dalgleish, Unknown woman with and without snow, late 1880s.

John S. Fritz, Tissue overlay, ca. 1894.

Charles Lainer, relief print, 1890.

DD Upson, Two women, 1880s; J. Katdy, Friends, 1880s.

FJ Nelson, Domestic Bread, ca. 1890s.

MC Hosford, Getting the saw; Getting the cleaver, 1880s.

AM Nikodem, Cat, 1880s.

Julius Caesar Strauss, Man with baby, 1892.

Ross L. Fitch studio backdrop, ca. 1893.

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