No. 428: Margaret Kilgallen, Kathe Kollwitz

Episode No. 428 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Courtenay Finn and Jay Clarke.

Finn is the curator of “Margaret Kilgallen: that’s where the beauty is.” The exhibition, which originated at the Aspen (Colo.) Art Museum last year opens at moCa Cleveland on Jan. 31 and will be on view through May 17. It is the first major Kilgallen exhibition since curator Eungie Joo organized “In the Sweet Bye & Bye” for REDCAT in Los Angeles in 2005. “Kilgallen” is accompanied by an excellent catalogue published by Aspen Art Press. Amazon offers it for $32.

Kilgallen, who died in 2001 at just 33, was among the artists who came to significance while working in and around San Francisco’s Mission District in the late twentieth century. Her work foregrounded a DIY aesthetic while referring to and building on the art and graphic design history, especially the histories connected to the American West.

Host Tyler Green and Finn briefly discuss Kilgallen’s widower, Barry McGee. Green and McGee discussed Kilgallen on Episode No. 44. Finn also mentions the mural on San Francisco’s Women’s Building.

On the second segment, Art Institute of Chicago curator Jay Clarke discusses “Käthe Kollwitz: Prints, Process, Politics” which is at the Getty through March 29. The exhibition examines Kollwitz’s process and the focuses of her social and political engagement. From the Getty the show will travel to the AIC. The exhibtion’s excelent catalogue was edited by Louis Marchesano and is available from Amazon for $40.

Air date: January 16, 2020.

Margaret Kilgallen, Pop, 1997.

Margaret Kilgallen, Untitled, ca. 1997.

Margaret Kilgallen, Untitled (Cardiff), 1999.

Margaret Kilgallen, Untitled, ca. 1999.

Margaret Kilgallen, Untitled, 2000.

Margaret Kilgallen, Money to Loan (Paintings for the San Francisco Bus Shelter Posters), 2000.

Margaret Kilgallen, Main Drag, 2001, installed at the Aspen Art Museum, 2018.

Margaret Kilgallen, Main Drag, 2001, installed at the Aspen Art Museum, 2018.

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