No. 367: Charline von Heyl, Rebecca Bedell

Episode No. 367 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Charline von Heyl and art historian Rebecca Bedell.

Washington’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is showing “Charline von Heyl: Snake Eyes,” a survey of paintings von Heyl has made since 2005.  The exhibition, which is on view through January 27, 2019, was curated by the Hirshhorn’s Evelyn C. Hankins and Dirk Luckow of Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen (with assistance from Sandy Guttman), which originated the exhibition. The exhibition catalogue was published by Koenig Books. Amazon offers it for $95.

von Heyl is a New York and Marfa-based abstract painter whose work engages art history and the way images are built and constructed. She has been the subject of solo exhibitions at museums such as the Tate Liverpool, the Kunsthalle Nurnberg, the ICA Boston, the ICA Philadelphia, the Vienna Secession and more. She was previously a guest on Episode No. 2 (!) of The MAN Podcast.

On the second segment, Rebecca Bedell discusses her new book Moved to Tears: Rethinking the Art of the Sentimental in the United States, a fresh assessment of art that was intended to prompt empathy, nostalgia and patriotism in the context of its time, but that has often been read as saccharine when considered through the standards of the present. Bedell teaches at Wellesley College. She is the author of The Anatomy of Nature: Geology and American Landscape Painting, 1825-1875 and the curator of the 2009 Fitzwilliam Museum exhibition “Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts.” Moved to Tears was published by Princeton University Press. It is available from Amazon for $45.

Air date: November 15, 2018.

Charline von Heyl, Lady Moth, 2017.

Charline von Heyl, Soul Rag, 2018.

Charline von Heyl, Dark Nouveau, 2017.

Charline von Heyl, Nunez, 2018.

Charline von Heyl, Melencolia, 2008.

Albrecht Durer, Melencolia, 1524.

Charline von Heyl, Black Stripe Mojo, 2009.

Charline von Heyl, Slow Tramp, 2012.

Charline von Heyl, Woman #2, 2009.

Charline von Heyl, Solo Dolo, 2010.

Charline von Heyl, Zenge, 2012.

Charline von Heyl, Miserabilism #1, 2012.

Charline von Heyl, Lost Keeper, 2017.

Charline von Heyl, Vald-In-Zam-Kite, 2016.

Charline von Heyl, Spoudaiogeloion, 2015.

Charline von Heyl, Interventionist Demonstration (Why-A-Duck?), 2013.

Charline von Heyl, Banish Air from Air, 2018.

Charline von Heyl, Dunesday, 2016.

Thomas Hovenden, Breaking Home Ties, 1890.

Henry O. Tanner, The Banjo Lesson, 1893.

Winslow Homer, In the Garden (Rustic Courtship), 1874.

George Inness, October Noon, 1891.

John Singer Sargent, Beatrice Goelet, 1890.

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