No. 366: Matisse and Decoration, the Kimbell’s new Bonnard

Episode No. 366 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features art historian John Klein and curator George Shackelford.

Klein is the author of “Matisse and Decoration,” a new look at how Matisse’s interest in the French decorative tradition informed and motivated his work throughout his career, but especially between 1935 and his death in 1954. The book details how Matisse translated decoration into easel painting, as well as into significant commissions for private individuals in the United States and Europe. The book also reveals how Matisse responded to the crisis of World War II and helped participate in France’s post-war revival through decorative projects. The book was published by Yale University Press. It is available from Amazon for $39.

Nota bene: Matisse images will post here late today, Nov. 8.

On the second segment, Kimbell Art Museum curator and senior deputy director George Shackelford discusses his museum’s recent acquisition of a major Pierre Bonnard, Landscape at Le Cannet (1928). The painting, a four-foot-by-nine-foot Bonnardian address of the French decorative tradition, is now on view at the Kimbell.

Air date: Nov. 8, 2018.

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Pleasant Land, 1882.

Henri Matisse, Luxe, calme et volupté, 1904-05.

Henri Matisse, Bathers with a Turtle, 1907-08.

Henri Matisse, Pink Onions, 1906.

Henri Matisse, Covered pot with floral motifs, 1907. Fabricated by Andre Metthey.

Henri Matisse, Plate with a female nude, 1907. Fabricated by Andre Metthey.

Henri Matisse, costume for a mourner from Le Chant du Rossignol, 1920.

Henri Matisse, Vestments for Vence Chapel, 1950-51.

Priest wearing the White Chasuble by Henri Matisse, circa 1951. Photography by Helene Adant.

Henri Matisse, Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Ground, 1925-26.

Henri Matisse, Dance, 1932-33.

Henri Matisse, Large Reclining Nude (Pink Nude), 1935.

Henri Matisse, Drawings for Rouge et Noir costumes, 1938.

Henri Matisse, Design for front curtain of Rouge et Noir, 1938.

Henri Matisse, La France, 1939.

Henri Matisse, Nymph in the Forest, 1935, 1942-43.

Henri Matisse, Leda and the Swan, 1943-46.

Henri Matisse, Oceania, the Sky, 1946.

Henri Matisse, Oceania, the Sea, 1946.

Henri Matisse, Polynesia the Sea, 1946. Produced as a tapestry by the Beauvais workshop in 1948-49.

Henri Matisse, Woman with a Lute, 1943. Produced as a tapestry by the Gobelins workshop, 1949.

Henri Matisse, Rose Window, 1955.

Pierre Bonnard, Landscape at Le Cannet, 1928.

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