No. 352: Christina Quarles, Peter Hujar

Episode No. 352 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Christina Quarles and curator Joel Smith.

Christina Quarles is included in the Hammer Museum’s “Made in LA 2018” biennial. “Made in LA” was curated by Anne Ellegood and Erin Christovale and is on view through September 2.

Quarles’s work typically includes recognizable elements such as flowers or tables and figures that dissolve into each other in ways that confuse our ideas of gender, race and space. On her website, Quarles describes this blending of elements as rooted to her own personal history: “The contradiction of my Black ancestry coupled with my fair skin, results in my place always being my displace.”

Next month Quarles will be the subject of a “MATRIX” exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum. She’s been included in group shows at the New Museum, the Studio Museum in Harlem, LAXART and at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

On the second segment, Morgan Library curator Joel Smith discusses his “Peter Hujar: Speed of Life.” The exhibition, which is at the Berkeley Art Museum through November 18, includes 140 photographs and surveys Hujar’s entire career. The exhibition catalogue, published by Aperture, is easily the most important publication about Hujar. Amazon sells it for $34. This segment first aired in February when the exhibition debuted at the Morgan. For images, see Episode No. 326.

Air date: August 2, 2018.

Installation view of Christina Quarles in “Made in LA 2018,” at the Hammer Museum.

Christina Quarles, (Oh, I Fergot, It_s Summertime) Sunday, Ninth of July, 2017.

Christina Quarles, Axis, 2017.

Christina Quarles, Double Down, 2017.

Christina Quarles, I Wake with Yew in Mourning, 2017.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965.

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