No. 327: Deborah Roberts, Anita Witek

Episode No. 327 of The Modern Art Notes Podcasts features artists Deborah Roberts and Anita Witek.

The Spelman College Museum of Art is showing “Deborah Roberts: The Evolution of Mimi” through May 19. The exhibition features work Roberts has made in the last half-decade, work that uses collage and girlhood to examine issues of race, gender, and America’s present condition. It was curated by Andrea Barnwell. San Francisco’s Jenkins Johnson Gallery just opened an exhibition of Roberts’s work called “Uninterrupted.” It’s on view through March 17.

Deborah Roberts was recently included in the group exhibition “Fictions” at the The Studio Museum in Harlem. Her work is in the collections of the Studio Museum, the Blanton at the University of Texas, and the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University.

The Spelman College Museum has uploaded a conversation between Barnwell and Roberts. Part one is here.

On the second segment, Anita Witek discusses her new installation at the Wexner Center for the Arts. The work, titled Clip, is Witek’s first site-specific photomontage to be shown in the United States. It’s on view at the Wexner through April 15. Witek has previously shown at the Kunsthaus Wien, the Kunsthalle Graz, at the Leopold Museum and at many other European venues.

Air date: February 8, 2018.

Deborah Roberts, Witness, 2011.

Deborah Roberts, A Conversation with Beauty, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, As I Am, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, Miseducation of Mimi #151, 2013/17.

Deborah Roberts, Miseducation of Mimi #153, 2013/17.

U.S. Department of Justice photograph of Ruby Bridges, 1960.

Unknown photographer, Ruby Bridges, ca. 1960.

Deborah Roberts, It’s All Good, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, The Rope-a-Dope, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, Red Dots and Hot Water, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, A Funky Dish of Chittering Series #6, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, Untitled (Black Gloves, Big Eye, Yellow Collar), nd.

Deborah Roberts, Untitled After Matisse, 2016.

Deborah Roberts, Tug of War, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, PROTEST! (#1), 2015.

Deborah Roberts, PROTEST! (#2), 2015

Deborah Roberts, Still We Rise, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, We Heard the Thunder, No. 1, 2017.

Deborah Roberts, Beehive, 2016.

Anita Witek, Clip, 2018.

Anita Witek, Clip, 2018.

Anita Witek, Clip, 2018.

Anita Witek, Artist and Muse, 2017.

Anita Witek, Artist and Muse (detail), 2017.

Anita Witek, About Life, 2016.

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