No. 303: Summer clips: Degas and Millinery

Episode No. 303 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a summer clips episode featuring a previously aired interview with curator Simon Kelly.

Along with Esther Bell, Kelly is the co-curator of “Degas, Impressionism & the Paris Millinery Trade.” The exhibition melds the social history of modernizing 19th-century Paris with the ways in which painters, especially Edgar Degas, portrayed one of the city’s boomingest industries, the manufacturing and selling of hats. As it turns out, millinery was a gateway into the city, employment and the bourgeoisie for tens of thousands of French women. The exhibition is at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor through September 24. It debuted at the Saint Louis Art Museum, where Kelly is a curator. The exhibition’s superb catalogue was published by the two museums and DelMonico Prestel. Amazon offers it for $48.

For images of artworks discussed on the program, see Episode No. 280.

Air date: August 24, 2017.

One thought on “No. 303: Summer clips: Degas and Millinery

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode in parallel with my own reflexion on the Degas sculpture exhibition at the Norton Simon museum. Many thanks.


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