No. 297: Richard Deacon, Daniel Heidkamp

Episode No. 297 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artists Richard Deacon and Daniel Heidkamp.

The San Diego Museum of Art is showing “Richard Deacon: What You See Is What You Get,” a survey of the artist’s career. Curated by Ariel Plotek, it’s on view through Sept. 4. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by the museum. Host Tyler Green and Deacon also mention passages from Deacon’s 2014 book of writings, titled “So, If, And, But: Writings 1970-2012.”

Throughout a nearly 50-year career as a sculptor, draftsman and print-maker, Deacon has explored form, volume and space with unusual rigor. Much of his work is motivated by the exploration of shapes within shapes, with the tension between the two shapes and the material in which the work is made providing the artwork’s activating tension. Deacon’s dozens of major exhibitions include a 2014 retrospective at the Tate Britain, and last year the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany presented a career-length survey of Deacon’s drawings.

On the second segment, Daniel Heidkamp discusses his paintings and the pictures of them on view in “Taking Pictures: Camera Phone Conversations Between Artists” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition was curated by Mia Fineman and is on view through Dec. 17. Heidkamp is showing paintings related to the exhibition at New York’s Half Gallery through July 21.

Air date: July 13, 2017.

Richard Deacon, It’s Orpheus When There’s Singing #8, 1979.

From left: Richard Deacon, Like A Ship, 1984; Like A Bird, 1984.
Installed at the Festival Sculpture, Mersey, Liverpool, 2 May – 14 October 1984.

Richard Deacon, Like a Bird, 1984.

Richard Deacon, Like a Bird, 1984.

Richard Deacon, If the shoe fits, 1981.

Henri Laurens, The Clown, 1915.

Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake, 1648.

Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with a Man Killed by a Snake (detail), 1648.

Richard Deacon, After, 1998.

Richard Deacon, Laocoon, 1996.

Laocoön and his sons, also known as the Laocoön Group. Copy after an Hellenistic original from ca. 200 BC. Found in the Baths of Trajan, 1506.

Richard Deacon, Facts Not Opinions, 1991.

Richard Deacon, UW84DC #5, 2001.

Richard Deacon, Another Ribbon Bow, 2004.

Richard Deacon, Infinity #6, 1999.

Richard Deacon, Infinity #22, 2004.

Richard Deacon, Konrad Witz #8, 2012.

Richard Deacon, Alphabet F, 2011.

Richard Deacon, Masters of the Universe: Screen Version, 2005.

Richard Deacon, Housing 10, 2012.

Richard Deacon, The Back of My Hand, No. 6, 1987.

Richard Deacon, Dummy, 1992.

Daniel Heidkamp, Jean Rather, 2017.

Daniel Heidkamp, MASS MoCA Lightning Strike, 2017.

Daniel Heidkamp, Neon da Corte, 2017.

Daniel Heidkamp, JSC Blue, 2017.

Daniel Heidkamp, Pretend to Remember, 2016.

Daniel Heidkamp, Dune, 2015.

Daniel Heidkamp, Met Mothers, 2014.

Daniel Heidkamp, Slayer of Delusion, 2013.

Daniel Heidkamp, Charlotte Taschen, 2017.

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