No. 251: The Podcasters

Episode No. 251 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features the hosts of three other podcasts we enjoy:

James Cuno, the host of Art + Ideas, the Getty’s new top-line podcast. Cuno is the president of the J. Paul Getty Trust. Subscribe via: iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud. More information on and images related to the show is available here.

Brian Alfred, the host of Sound & Vision, a program that features artists and musicians. Alfred is a New York-based painter who has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Asia. Subscribe via: iTunes.

Eric Marth, the host of The Halftone, a program about photography. Marth is a Virginia-based photographer. Subscribe via: iTunes.

This week’s header image is a detail from Eastman Johnson’s The Funding Bill, 1881, collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Air date: August 25, 2016.

Eastman Johnson, The Funding Bill, 1888.

Eastman Johnson, The Funding Bill, 1881.

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