No. 599: Juan de Pareja, “Day Jobs”

Episode No. 599 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators David Pullins and Veronica Roberts.

With Vanessa K. Valdés, Pullins is the co-curator of “Juan de Pareja: Afro-Hispanic Painter in the Age of Velázquez” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The exhibition is the first examination of the life and oeuvre of Pareja, who was enslaved in Velázquez’s studio before developing his own independent practice. The Met’s exhibition features works by Velázquez and Pareja, as well as examinations of how Spanish painters presented Black and Morisco populations. It is on view through July 16. A superb exhibition catalogue was published by the Met. Amazon and Bookshop offer it for about $46.

Roberts discusses “Day Jobs” at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas. The exhibition explores how artists have taken jobs beyond their studios, and how those jobs have informed their work. “Day Jobs” is on view through July 23.

Air date: April 27, 2023.

Velázquez, Juan de Pareja, 1650.

Diego Velázquez, Pope Innocent X, 1650.

Juan de Pareja, Portrait of Philip IV, 1650.

Juan de Pareja, José Ratés, ca. 1664.

Juan de Pareja, Portrait of a Benedictine Monk, 1661.

Juan de Pareja, The Flight into Egypt, 1658.

Juan de Pareja, The Calling of St. Matthew, 1661.

Juan de Pareja, The Baptism of Christ, 1667.

Juan de Pareja, No longer known man, nd.

Larry Bell, untitled, 1959. Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

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