No. 587: Mark di Suvero, African Modernism in America

Episode No. 587 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Jed Morse and Perrin Lathrop.

Morse is the curator of “Mark di Suvero: Steel Like Paper” at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. The exhibition surveys di Suvero’s career with a special focus on di Suvero’s in-studio practice, such as his drawings and his little-considered modestly scaled sculptures (which make up the vast majority of his oeuvre). It is the most extensive survey of di Suvero’s work in over 30 years, and the largest museum exhibition of such since 1975. “di Suvero” is on view through August 27. The excellent catalogue was published by the museum.

Along with Nikoo Paydar and Jamaal Sheats, Lathrop is a co-curator of “African Modernism in America, 1947-67” at the Fisk University Galleries in Nashville. The exhibition investigates the connections between African artists and American patrons, artists, and cultural organizations such as the Harmon Foundation, the Museum of Modern Art, and HBCUs during the early Cold War. It also features The Politics of Selection, a commission from Lagos-based sculptor Ndidi Dike that interrogates the collecting histories presented in the exhibition. “African Modernism” is on view through February 12, after which it will travel to the Kemper Art Museum at Washington University, Saint Louis; the Phillips Collection in Washington; and the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati. The outstanding catalogue was published by the American Federation of Arts. Amazon and Indiebound offer it for about $45.

Air date: February 2, 2023.

Mark di Suvero, Eviva Amore, 2001.

Mark di Suvero, Hankchampion, 1960.

Mark di Suvero, Love Makes the World Go Round, 1962-63.

Mark di Suvero, Praise for Elohim Adonai, 1966.

Installation of Mark di Suvero, Are Years What? (For Marianne Moore), 1967 in Sculpture Off the Pedestal, Grand Rapids (Mich.) Art Museum, 1973.

Mark di Suvero, No Shoes, 1967.

Mark di Suvero, Flower Power, 1967.

Mark di Suvero, Crete, 1967.

Mark di Suvero, Untitled, 1965.

Leonard Contino, Moon Year Magic, 1972.

Mark di Suvero, Untitled (For Eindhoven), 1972.

Mark di Suvero, Study for Algol, 1993.

Mark di Suvero, Untitled, 1985.

John Biggers, Kumasi Market, 1962.

Mohammed Melehi, Time Square, 1963.

Demas Nwoko, Folly, 1960.

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