No. 584: Vittore Carpaccio, East of the Pacific

Episode No. 584 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Gretchen Hirschauer and Aleesa Pitchamarn Alexander.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington is presenting “Vittore Carpaccio: Master Storyteller of Renaissance Venice,” through February 12. The exhibition was curated by Peter Humfrey in collaboration with Andrea Bellieni and Hirschauer. It presents Carpaccio, a Venetian master who worked in the period between Bellini and the rise of Tintoretto, as the producer of spectacular narrative pictures that brought storytelling more fully into the practice of Venetian painters. The exhibition includes 45 paintings and 30 drawings. The NGA and Yale University Press copublished an excellent catalogue. It is available from Indiebound and Amazon for $51-65.

  • For Carpaccio’s Scuola degli Albanesi ‘Life of the Virgin’ cycle, see here.

Alexander discusses “East of the Pacific: Making Histories of Asian American Art” at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center. The exhibition engages an American art history centered on transpacific migration and discourse rather than the traditional transatlantic address. It features roughly chronological sections that highlight key narratives in Asian American art between the late nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. “East of the Pacific” is one of the three inaugural Asian American Art Initiative exhibitions at the Cantor. It is on view through February 12.

Air date: January 12, 2023.

Vittore Carpaccio, Virgin and Child, ca. 1488/89.

Vittore Carpaccio, Head of a Young Woman in Profile and in Three-Quarter View (Verso), ca. 1488-89.

Vittore Carpaccio, Virgin and Child with the Young St John the Baptist, ca. 1493-96.

Vittore Carpaccio, Saint Augustine in His Study from the Scuola degli Schiavoni Cycle, shortly after 1502.

Vittore Carpaccio, St George and the Dragon from the Scuola degli Schiavoni Cycle, ca. 1504-07.

Vittore Carpaccio, A Young Knight, 1510.

Vittore Carpaccio, Lion of Saint Mark, 1516.

Tameya Kagi, Morning Drink, 1880.

Chiura Obata, Yosemite Falls, 1937.

Chiura Obata, Rainbow Falls, Inyo National Forest (watercolor), 1927.

Chiura Obata, Rainbow Falls, Inyo National Forest (woodcut), 1930.

Hisako Hibi, Evening, ate 1970s.

Noriko Yamamoto, Tiki, 1960.

Bernice Bing, Blue Mountain No. 4, 1966.

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