No. 578: Bob Thompson, Picasso Cut Papers

Episode No. 578 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Diana Tuite and Allegra Pesenti.

Tuite is the curator of “Bob Thompson: This House Is Mine,” a retrospective of Thompson’s brief but hugely productive career. It is at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles through January 8, 2023. The Hammer’s presentation was coordinated by Erin Christovale with Vanessa Arizmendi. An outstanding catalogue was published by the Colby College Museum of Art, which organized the exhibition, in association with Yale University Press. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for $45.

Pesenti discusses “Picasso Cut Papers,” an examination of artworks Pablo Picasso made by cutting paper. The exhibition features work Picasso made between his childhood and the end of his life. Pesenti co-curated the exhibition with Cynthia Burlingham. The exhibition is on view through December 31. The catalogue was published by the Hammer Museum and DelMonico Books. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $45.

Air date: December 1, 2022.

Bob Thompson, Self-Portrait in the Studio, 1960.

Bob Thompson, Untitled, 1959.

Bob Thompson, The Hanging, 1959.

Bob Thompson, The Execution, 1961.

Bob Thompson, Homage to Nina Simone, 1965.

Bob Thompson, St. George and the Dragon, 1963.

Bob Thompson, Bird Party, 1961.

Bob Thompson, The Judgement, 1963.

Pablo Picasso, The Circus, December 23, 1945.

Pablo Picasso, Chair, Cannes, 1961.

Pablo Picasso, Sparrow Hawk, 1960.

Pablo Picasso, Head of a Woman, Cannes, 1957.

Pablo Picasso and André Villers, Mask, 1959.

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