No. 576: Anthony Barboza, Tadashi Sato

Episode No. 576 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features photographer Anthony Barboza and curator Maika Pollack.

“Eye Dreaming,” a monograph spanning Barboza’s sixty-year career was just published by Getty Publications. The book comes out just as the two-year, four-venue exhibition “Working Together: Photographers of the Kamoinge Workshop,” an exhibition which presented Barboza as a major and instigating figure in Kamoinge, concluded. “Eye Dreaming” features Barboza’s 1960s addresses of the condition of the United States, his portraits of major figures in the humanities, sport, and entertainment, his photographs of jazz musicians, street photography, fashion photography, examples of his editorial, album cover and advertising work, and more. The book features contributions from Aaron Bryant, Mazie M. Harris and Hilton Als. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $40.

Pollack discusses “Tadashi Sato: Atomic Abstraction in the Fiftieth State, 1954-63” at the John Young Museum of Art at the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa. The exhibition examines the first decade of Sato’s car. Sato, melded New York-informed engagements with modernism with influences from nature to become one of the most significant Hawaiʻi-born painters of the twentieth century. This is the first major exhibition of Sato’s work in over two decades. It also includes work by several of his Hawaiʻian colleagues and reveals how they helped create space for artists and public art in what was then the new state of Hawaiʻi. It is on view through December 11.

Instagram: Maika Pollack, Tyler Green.

Air date: November 17, 2022.

Anthony Barboza, Pensacola, Florida, 1966.

Anthony Barboza, Liberty – Pensacola, Florida, 1966.

Anthony Barboza, Power, Pensacola, Florida, 1966.

Anthony Barboza, Grace Jones, ca. 1970.

Anthony Barboza, James Baldwin – Author, 1975.

Anthony Barboza, James Van Der Zee – Photographer, 1980.

Anthony Barboza, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis – Actors, 1980.

Anthony Barboza, Norman Lewis – Artist, 1976.

Anthony Barboza, Pat Evans and Isaac Hayes, Essence (December 1971).

Anthony Barboza, Essence (August 1971).

Anthony Barboza, Essence (August 1971).

Anthony Barboza, Roberta Flack, Essence (December 1971).

Anthony Barboza, Cher, Beverly Hills, California, New York Times Magazine (October 18, 1987).

Anthony Barboza, Self-Portrait Revealing from Within, New York, New York, 1970s

Anthony Barboza, Cactus, New York, New York, 1970s.

Tadashi Sato, Subway, 1949.

Tadashi Sato, Untitled, 1953-54.

Tadashi Sato, Subway Exit, New York, 1954.

Tadashi Sato, Composition: Ginkakuji, 1955.

Satoru Abe, The Web Tree, 1958.

Tadashi Sato, Fissures in Time and Space, [Composition #5], 1957.

Isami Doi, Untitled, 1957.

Tadashi Sato, Untitled, 1958.

Tadashi Sato, Submerged Rocks, 1962.

Tadashi Sato, Build Thee More Stately Mansions [fragments], 1963.

Installation view of Tadashi Sato, Aquarius, 1969, at the Hawai’i State Capitol, Honolulu.

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