No. 573: Matthew Ronay, Jade Doskow

Episode No. 573 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artists Matthew Ronay and Jade Doskow.

The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas is presenting “Matthew Ronay: The Crack, the Swell, an Earth, an Ode” through January 15, 2023. The exhibition features a nearly 24-foot-long sculpture that functions as both an introduction to Ronay’s exploration of surrealism, abstraction, representation and art’s history, and also as a summary of the last decade of his work. The exhibition was curated by Leigh Arnold and is accompanied by a catalogue published by the Nasher and Gregory R. Miller & Co. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $55.

Ronay’s work has been featured in solo shows at the Blaffer Art Gallery and at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. He has been included in group shows at the Dallas Museum of Art, the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Williams College Museum of Art, and more.

The John Hartell Gallery at the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning is presenting “A New Wilderness: Freshkills.” The exhibition features photographs by Freshkills photographer-in-residence Jade Doskow and a series of soundscapes by Heather Campanelli. The work shows the evolution of Staten Island’s Freshkills from a landfill — the world’s largest household garbage dump — into a 2,200-acre city park. The exhibition is on view through November 4.

Doskow’s Freshkills work debuted in The New York Times. Black Dog London published a monograph of Doskow’s “Lost Utopias” work in 2016.

Instagram: Matthew Ronay, Jade Doskow, Tyler Green.

Air date: October 27, 2022.

Matthew Ronay, The Crack, the Swell, an Earth, an Ode, 2022.

Matthew Ronay, Reinstantiationizer, 2021.

Matthew Ronay, Pluralizer, 2021.

Matthew Ronay, Filterer, 2021.

Henri Matisse, Untitled, 1908.

Giovanni d’Alemagna and Antonio Vivarini, Praglia Polyptych, ca. 1448.

Matthew Ronay, Exception: Acoustic Encoder, 2018.

Matthew Ronay, Control Column, Wilts, Dyad, 2019.

Matthew Ronay, Thermonasty, 2019.

Matthew Ronay, Bonds, 2020.

Jo Ann Callis, Hands on Ankles, 1976-77.


Matthew Ronay, Octet, 2020.

Jade Doskow, Piping, Leachate Treatment Plant, 2019 / 2021.

Jade Doskow, North Mound, Winter, 2019 / 2021.

Jade Doskow, Untitled, West Mound, 2022.

Jade Doskow, East Mound (Dust Bowl, Autumn), 2022.

Jade Doskow, The New Wilderness, Freshkills, 2019 / 2021.

Jade Doskow, New York City Skyline with One World Trade from North Mound, Looking Northeast toward
Main Creek and the Greenbelt, Autumn, 2018 / 2021.

Jade Doskow, Fox Den, East Mound, 2021.

Jade Doskow, Newly Formed Landscapes with Geotextile, West Mound, 2022.

Jervis McEntee, View in Central Park, 1858.


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