No. 545: Holiday clips: Charles Ray

Episode No. 545 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a holiday weekend clips episode featuring artist Charles Ray.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is showing “Charles Ray: Figure Ground” through June 5. The exhibition surveys Ray’s career beginning with photographs from the early 1970s and continuing through the sculptures he’s made over the last several decades. The exhibition was organized by Kelly Baum and Brinda Kumar.

Ray came on the program in 2014 when he showed two new works at Matthew Marks Gallery in Los Angeles: Baled Truck, a sculpture of a truck that’s been crushed into a rectangular block junkyard-style, and Mime, a sculpture of a reclining male figure on a cot.

In 1998, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles presented a Paul Schimmel-curated retrospective of Ray’s work that traveled to the Whitney Museum of American Art and the MCA Chicago. In 2014 the Kunstmuseum Basel presented an exhibition of 15 Ray sculptures made since 1997. An expanded version of that show will opened at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015.

Images are available here.

Air date: April 14, 2022.

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