No. 532: Sandy Rodriguez, In American Waters

Episode No. 532 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Sandy Rodriguez and curator Austen Barron Bailly.

Sandy Rodriguez’s history-and-the-present addressing work is featured in four ongoing museum presentations, including:

In addition, Rodriguez is included in the Denver Art Museum exhibition “Traitor, Survivor, Icon: The Legacy of La Malinche,” which will open February 6 before traveling to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Rodriguez’s work explores the methods and materials of painting in works that address Native and colonial histories, memory and contemporary events. Among her exhibition credits are the recent triennial at El Museo del Barrio, the Riverside Art Museum, Art + Practice, Los Angeles, and more.

On the second segment, Austen Barron Bailly discusses “In American Waters: The Sea in American Painting.” The exhibition, which is at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art through January 31, features assorted pictures of marine art from across 250 years of US history. Bailly co-curated the show with Daniel Finamore.

Instagram: Sandy Rodriguez, Austen Barron Bailly, Tyler Green.

Air date: January 13, 2022.

Sandy Rodriguez, YOU ARE HERE / Tovaangar / El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula / Los Angeles, 2021.

Sandy Rodriguez, Tear Gas No. 1, Ferguson, 2014.

Sandy Rodriguez, Mapa de Los Angeles For Those Killed by Police in 2018, 2019.

Suzanne Lacy, Three Weeks in May (detail), 1977.

Sandy Rodriguez, Collecting Color, 2020.

James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Nocturne in Black and Gold – The Falling Rocket, ca. 1872-77.

Sandy Rodriguez, Healer No. 1 Treatment for romadizo, a viral infection of the upper respiratory, 2019.

Sandy Rodriguez, Mapa de la Región Fronteriza de Alta y Baja Califas, 2017.

Sandy Rodriguez, Didn’t See Them Coming—Blackhawk Sikorsky UH-60 U.S. Customs and Border Protection Vehicle in CA, 2018.

Sandy Rodriguez, Borderlands No. 2: They almost got me (Pajarita Wilderness), 2019.

Sandy Rodriguez, Humwichawa/Arbol de Josue/Joshua Tree, 2020-21.

Installation view of Sandy Rodriguez’s paints in “Borderlands,” Huntington Library.

Installation view of paints in “Borderlands,” Huntington Library.

Sandy Rodriguez, Study No. 1 (View from Mt. Lowe in the San Gabriel Mountains ), 2021.

Sandy Rodriguez, Study No. 2 (View of Castro Peak from Red Rock Canyon in Topanga) , 2021.

Marguerite Thompson Zorach, Diana of the Sea, 1940.

Gilbert Stuart, George Washington (The Constable-Hamilton Portrait), 1797.

John Wesley Jarvis, Portrait of Oliver Hazard Perry, 1816.

George Luks, In the Steerage, 1900.

Theresa Bernstein, The Immigrants, 1923.

Robert Walter Weir, Embarkation of the Pilgrims, 1857.

Michele Felice Cornè, Dropping Astern [panel 3], 1812.

Clement Drew, The Ship Abolition and the Wreck Colonization, 1839.

William G. Yorke and Mary E. Yorke, Slave-Yacht Wanderer, ca. late 1880s.

Hale Woodruff, The Mutiny on the Amistad (second version), ca. 1941.

Nick Cave, Sea Sick, 2014.

Felrath Hines, Untitled, 1967-73.

Norman Lewis, Untitled (Red), ca. 1975.

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