No. 528: Mitch Epstein, Milton Avery

Episode No. 528 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Mitch Epstein and curator Edith Devaney.

Steidl has just published Epstein’s newest book “Property Rights.” Featuring 197 pictures across 288 pages, “Property Rights” examines the relationship between the United States, land and the impact of the American nation on the people who live here. The book was edited by Susan Bell and includes texts by both Epstein and Bell. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $75.

Epstein has published 15 books including “In India,” “American Power,” and “Family Business.”

Devaney discusses “Milton Avery,” a survey of the artist’s career at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The exhibition features about 70 paintings Avery made between the 1910s and the mid-1960s and emphasizes Avery’s interest in color. It’s on view at MAMFW through January 30. “Avery” was co-organized by the Royal Academy, London, the Wadsworth Atheneum and MAMFW. Its catalogue was published by the Royal Academy. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $45.

Instagram: Mitch Epstein, Tyler Green.

Air date: December 16, 2021.

Mitch Epstein, Mount Rushmore National Memorial/Six Grandfathers, South Dakota, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Standing Rock Prayer Walk, North Dakota, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Alex White Plume Drawing, 2017.

Mitch Epstein, Bisbee, Arizona, 2017.

Mitch Epstein, Saguaro, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona, 2020.

Mitch Epstein, Conestoga, Pennsylvania, 2017.

Mitch Epstein, Dinsmore, California, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Camp Fire, Paradise, California III, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Tom Hessler, Amaranth Farms, Humboldt, California, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Proposed Site for Thirty-Meter Telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawai’i, 2019.

Mitch Epstein, Tree of Life Synagogue Memorial, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Former St. Louis Hotel and Slave Exchange, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2019.

Mitch Epstein, Stono Rebellion Memorial, Rantowles, South Carolina, 2018.

Mitch Epstein, Stono Rebellion Memorial, Rantowles, South Carolina II, 2018.

Milton Avery, Setting Sun, 1918.

Milton Avery, Moody Landscape, 1930.

Milton Avery, Rolling Hills, ca. 1930s.

Milton Avery, Coney Island, 1931.

Milton Avery, Seaside, 1931.

Milton Avery, Still-life with Skull, 1946.

Milton Avery, Marsden Hartley, 1943.

Milton Avery, Oyster Catcher, 1944.

Milton Avery, Hors d’Oeuvres, 1943.

Milton Avery, Sooty Terns, 1945.

Milton Avery, Excursion on the Thames, 1952.

Milton Avery, Excursion on the Thames, 1953.

Milton Avery, Boathouse by the Sea, 1959.

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