No. 522: Aliza Nisenbaum, the Getty’s new Bassano

Episode No. 522 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Aliza Nisenbaum and curator Davide Gasparotto.

Aliza Nisenbaum’s work is on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art in “Picturing Motherhood Now,” a look at how contemporary artists represent motherhood. Curated by Emily Liebert, it is on view through March 13, 2022.

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City is showing “Aliza Nisenbaum: Aquí Se Puede (Here You Can),” an exhibition of large-scale portraits of individuals connected to Kansas City salsa music and dance communities. It was curated by Erin Dziedzic and is up through July 31, 2022.

Tate Liverpool and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts are among the museums that have presented solo exhibitions of Nisenbaum’s work.

Gasparotto discusses the J. Paul Getty Museum’s acquisition of Jacopo Bassano’s 1554 The Miracle of the Quails. The picture goes on view at the Getty today.

The nearly eight-foot-wide painting is a rare depiction of the Old Testament detailing of the miracle of the quails. Bassano based his visual account from a single line in the Bible’s story.

Instagram: Aliza Nisenbaum, Davide Gasparotto, Tyler Green.

Air date: November 4, 2021.

Aliza Nisenbaum, La Talaverita, Sunday Morning NY Times, 2016.

Henri Matisse, Blue Nude (Memory of Biskra), 1907.

Henri Matisse, Large Reclining Nude (Pink Nude), 1935.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Nimo, Sumiya, and Bisharo harvesting flowers and vegetables at Hope Community Garden, 2017.

Aliza Nisenbaum, London Underground, Brixton Station and Victoria Line Staff, 2021.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Origami, 2013.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Skulls, 2014.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Tinker Bell, 2014.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Stephanie and Christina, 2014.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Anya’s Dancers, 2018.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Kayhan reading the New York Times (Resistance Begins at Home), 2017.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Mis cuatros Gracias (Brendan, Camilo, Carlos, Jorge), 2018.

Matisse Dance I, 1909.

Aliza Nisenbaum, The Nap, 2015.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Naveena, Student Nurse and Succulents, 2020.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Marissa, 2012.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Hector, 2015.

Henri Matisse, The Blue Eyes, 1935.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Randy, 2018.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Patricia and I Boogie on Broadway, 2019.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Neena dreams of DJing, 2021.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Jenna, Friday Night in Brooklyn, 2019.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Reina del Chachacha, Julie and Jeff, 2019.

Aliza Nisenbaum, Sheree, 2021.

Jacopo Bassano, The Miracle of the Quails. 1554.

Jacopo Bassano, Lazarus and the Rich Man, ca. 1550.

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