No. 511: Laura Raicovich

Episode No. 511 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features author Laura Raicovich.

Raichovich is the author of “Culture Strike: Art and Museums in the Age of Protest,” which was published by Verso. The book examines the ways in which art museums have too often insisted on policies and presentations that are allegedly neutral and centrist. Raicovich argues that in working to maintain a broad status quo, too many art museums have failed to prioritize investigation and truth, details the protest movements that have urged museums to be truer to their missions and ideals, and offers some ways forward. “Culture Strike” is available from Indiebound and Amazon for $23-27.

Raicovich is the former director of the Queens Museum and held leadership positions at Creative Time and the Dia Art Foundation. Most recently, she was the interim director of the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art.

Air date: August 19, 2021.

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