No. 488: Alex Bradley Cohen, Hockney-Van Gogh

Episode No. 488 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Alex Bradley Cohen and curator Ann Dumas, and includes an excerpt from Lea Bertucci’s forthcoming album “A Visible Length of Light.”

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University has recently acquired Alex Bradley Cohen’s 2015 For a More Just Future.

Cohen’s paintings of people and places are often blendings of his personal relationships with art history. His work has been exhibited in “State of the Art 2020” at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and The Momentary and at group shows at the University Art Museum at the University of Albany, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Studio Museum of Harlem.

Cohen mentions donating the proceeds from the sale of For a More Just Future to the Chicago Freedom School.

On the second segment, curator Ann Dumas discusses “Hockney-Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature,”  which is at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston through June 20. The exhibition reveals how David Hockney has mined Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in ways that have informed his mark-making, compositions and more. The excellent exhibition catalogue, which was designed by Julian Kleyn and Studio Berry Slok, is available from Amazon for $29.

Bonus audio excerpt: In the fall of 2020, Lea Bertucci was in residence at one of our partners, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha. While there, she recorded “A Visible Length of Light.” On April 16 it will be released by Cibachrome Editions. Acquire it at Bertucci’s Bandcamp page. And check her out on SoundCloud!

Instagram: Alex Bradley Cohen, Lea Bertucci, Tyler Green.

Air date: March 11, 2021.

Henri Matisse, The Blue Window, 1913.

Henri Matisse, Blue Nude, Memory of Biskra, 1907. Collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Vivian Cohen, Kitchen Mosaics, nd.

Chris Johanson, Being in my life no.1 (Los Angeles Landscape Painting no.6), 2014.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Imani Jackson, 2019.

Alex Bradley Cohen, For a More Just Future, 2015.

Alex Bradley Cohen, When We Learned, 2013.

Alex Bradley Cohen, With Heavy Appreciation, 2020.

Jacob Lawrence, The female worker was also one of the last groups to leave the South. (from The Migration Series), 1941.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Bruce Wilson in Flaxman Library, 2017.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Chanel, 2015.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Madeline Aguilar, 2019.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Derrick Adams, 2017.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Rachel, 2017.

Alex Bradley Cohen, Sean McElroy, 2017.

Vincent van Gogh, Field with Irises near Arles, 1888.

David Hockney, Woldgate, 26-27, June 2012.

David Hockney, Ken Tyler working on Midnight Pool (Paper Pool 10), 1978.

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