No. 453: Naima J. Keith, Kelli Morgan

Episode No. 453 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Naima J. Keith and Kelli Morgan.

Along with Diana Nawi, Keith is the curator of the forthcoming Prospect triennial, “Yesterday We Said Tomorrow,” in New Orleans. The fifth edition of Prospect was scheduled to open this fall, but was postponed a year, to Oct. 23, 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (The exhibition will now run through Jan. 23, 2022.) Keith joins host Tyler Green to discuss what postponing a 51-artist show requires, especially for artists who had built schedules around a 2020 time-frame, how postponing an exhibition of new work originally scheduled to open just a couple weeks before an American presidential election may change it, and more.

In addition to co-curating Prospect 5, Keith is the vice president for education and public programming at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

On the second segment, Indianapolis Museum of Art curator Kelli Morgan discusses the challenges and opportunities within presenting permanent collection galleries of nineteenth-century American art when most American art museums’ collections of the period consist of primarily white artists.

Instagram: Naima Keith, Kelli Morgan, Change the Museum, Tyler Green.

Air date: July 8, 2020.

W.S. Hedges, A Race Meeting at Jacksonville, Alabama, 1841.

Benjamin West, Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, 1771-72.

Robert Colescott, Knowledge of the Past is the Key to the Future: St. Sebastian, 1986.

William McGregor Paxton, Glow of Gold, Gleam of Pearl, 1906.

Frederick Wilson for Tiffany Studios, Angel of the Resurrection, 1903-04.

Frederick Wilson for Tiffany Studios, Angel of the Resurrection (detail), 1903-04.

Frederick Wilson for Tiffany Studios, Angel of the Resurrection (detail), 1903-04.

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