No. 444: Riffs and Relations

Episode No. 444 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curator and historian Adrienne L. Childs.

Childs is the curator of “Riffs and Relations: African American Artists and the European Modernist Tradition” at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. The museum has extended the show through January 3, 2021. “Riffs and Relations” offers works by African American artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries alongside works of the European modernists whose work they engaged. The exhibition catalogue includes contributions from Childs, Renee Maurer, Valerie Cassel Oliver and Dorothy Kosinski. It was published by Rizzoli Electa. Amazon offers it for $43.

Nota bene: This conversation was recorded before the death of artist, historian and collector David C. Driskell.

Air date: May 7, 2020.

Winold Reiss, African Phantasy Awakening, ca. 1925.

Aaron Douglas, The Negro in an African Setting, 1954.

Hale Woodruff, The Card Players, 1930.

Hale Woodruff, Africa and the Bull, ca. 1958.

TItian, The Rape of Europa, 1560-62.

Pierre Bonnard, The Abduction of Europa, 1919.

Elizabeth Catlett, Ife, 2002.

Ossip Zadkine, Forms and Light (Mother and Child), 1918.

William H. Johnson, Nude, 1939.

Emma Amos, Malcolm X Morley, Matisse And Me., 1993.

Barbara Chase-Riboud, Matisse’s Back in Twins, 1967/94.

Henri Matisse, Back IV, 1930 (cast later).

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