No. 346: Nell Painter, Mark Ruwedel

Episode No. 346 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features historian and artist Nell Painter and artist Mark Ruwedel.

Painter is the author of Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over, which is out this week from Counterpoint Press. The “starting over” of the title refers to Painter’s retirement after a elite career as an Ivy League historian to return to college as a sixty-something student — first to take undergraduate studio art courses at Rutgers, then to pursue an MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. Painter’s memoir details her interactions with students and faculty, and how she tried to think through how to make art after having spent decades teaching and writing history.

Before going to art school, Painter was one of America’s most distinguished historians. She is the Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita, at Princeton University. Her books include Standing at Armageddon, Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol, and the New York Times bestseller The History of White People. She is a past president of both the Organization of American Historians and the Southern Historical Association.

Amazon is offering Old in Art School for about $15 in both Kindle and hardcover.

On the second segment, an excerpt from host Tyler Green’s 2017 conversation with Mark Ruwedel. The Tate Modern is showing an extensive selection of Ruwedel’s through December 3, an installation that was curated by Sarah Allen and Simon Baker. The Ruwedels in London include work from most parts of his career, including his famed railway cuts and his so-called pictures from hell, photographs of Western landscape features named for the devil or his (his?) underworld home. Ruwedel is also included in an exhibition the Denver Art Museum opens this weekend: “New Territory: Landscape Photography Today,” a survey of global landscape photography. Curated by Eric Paddock, it’s on view through September 16. See images here.

Air date: June 21, 2018.

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