No. 333: Precisionism, Fra Angelico

Episode No. 333 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curators Emma Acker and Nathaniel Silver.

Acker is the curator of “Cult of the Machine: Precisionism and American Art,” the first broad survey of precisionism in nearly 20 years. The exhibition opens at the de Young Museum in San Francisco this weekend, and remains on view through August 12. “Cult of the Machine” includes over 100 works, including paintings, photographs, works on paper and sculpture, and charts the emergence of the style and its roughly three-decade-long history. The exhibition’s terrific catalogue, which features scores of illustrations of supplemental artworks, was published by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in association with Yale University Press. Amazon offers it for $52. The exhibition will travel to the Dallas Museum of Art in September.

On the second segment, Nathaniel Silver returns to the program to discuss his new exhibition “Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth,”  which is at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston through May 20. The exhibition joins Angelico’s Assumption and Dormition of the Virgin, acquired by Gardner in 1899 and the first Angelico acquired by an American, with its three companions from the Museo di San Marco in Florence. Conceived by Angelico (and his funder) as a set of reliquaries for the Florentine church of Santa Maria Novella, they tell the story of the Virgin Mary’s life. The outstanding catalogue, complete with one of the most beautiful book covers you’ll ever see, was published by the ISGM and Paul Holberton Publishing and is available from Amazon for $41.

Air date: March 22, 2018.

Morton Schamberg, Painting (Formerly Machine), 1916.

Morton Schamberg, “God” by Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and Morton Schamberg, 1917.

Charles Demuth,Business, 1921.

Charles Sheeler, The Artist Looks at Nature, 1943.

Louis Lozowick, New York, ca. 1925.

Louis Lozowick, Machine Ornament No. 2, ca. 1927.

Charles Sheeler, Doylestown House — Stairway, Open Door, ca 1917.

Charles Sheeler, The Open Door, 1932.

Imogen Cunningham, Fageol Ventilators, 1934.

Marcel Duchamp, Nine Malic Moulds, 1963 (replica of original, 1914-15).

Elsie Driggs, Aeroplane, 1928.

Charles Sheeler, Self-Portrait, 1923.

Charles Sheeler, Kitchen, 1937.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Lake George Barns, 1926.

Charles Sheeler, Classic Landscape, 1931.

John Storrs, Auto Tower, 1922.

Gerald Murphy, Watch, 1925.

Charles Demuth, Incense of a New Church, 1921.

Fra Angelico, The Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin, 1424-1434.

Fra Angelico, The Annunciation and Adoration of the Magi, 1424-1434.

Fra Angelico, The Madonna della Stella, 1424-1434.

Fra Angelico, The Coronation of the Virgin, 1424-1434.

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