No. 323: Louise Bourgeois, Livia Corona Benjamin

Episode No. 323 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curator Deborah Wye and artist Livia Corona Benjamin.

Wye curated “Louise Bourgeois An Unfolding Portrait,” which is on view at the Museum of Modern Art, New York through January 28. She is the world’s foremost expert on Bourgeois’s work. The exhibition, mostly taken from MoMA’s collection, features 300 works, mostly prints and works on paper, but also works on cloth, sculptures and more. In association with the exhibition and its long-term commitment to Bourgeois’s (and Wye’s) work, MoMA has published an online catalogue raisonne of Bourgeois’s prints and books. It features over 4,300 works. The exhibition is also accompanied by an excellent MoMA-published catalogue. Amazon offers it for $34.

Several of the artist’s books that host Tyler Green and Wye discussed can be ‘paged’ through in their entirety on MoMA’s Bourgeois website, including:

On the second segment, artist and photographer Livia Corona Benjamin discusses her work. She’s included in “Home — So Different, So Appealing,” which is at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston through January 21. The exhibition, a Pacific Standard Time-series exhibition that debuted at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and which was co-curated by MFAH’s Mari Carmen Ramírez, Chon Noriega and Pilar Tompkins Rivas, looks at how artists have used the concept of ‘home’ to examine socioeconomic and political changes in the Americas.

To see more from the two Corona Benjamin series discussed on the program, visit her website:

Air date: Jan. 11, 2018.

Louise Bourgeois, Do Not Abandon Me, state IV of VII, variant, 1999.

Louise Bourgeois, Thompson Street, state I, c. 1946-48.

Louise Bourgeois, Thompson Street, state I variant, c. 1946-48.

Louise Bourgeois, Thompson Street, state III, c. 1946-48.

Louise Bourgeois, Self-Portrait as a Bird, 1945.

Louise Bourgeois, Plate 8 of 9 from the illustrated book Ode à Ma Mère. 1995.

Louise Bourgeois, Araignee (Spider), c. 1948.

Louise Bourgeois, Portrait of Jean-Louis, 1947-49.

Louise Bourgeois, Spider Woman. 2004.

Louise Bourgeois, Ode a l’Oubli (Ode to Forgetting), 2002. This is the fourth spread from the book.

Louise Bourgeois, Hair, 2000.

Louise Bourgeois, Untitled, 1998.

Louise Bourgeois, Stamp of Memories II, version 1 of 2: state XII of XII, variant, 1994.

Louise Bourgeois, Sainte Sebastienne, version 1 of 2: state V of XII, variant, 1990.

Louise Bourgeois, Sainte Sebastienne, version 2 of 2: state VII of VII, 1992.

Louise Bourgeois, Spiraling Arrows, State II of II, 2004.

Louise Bourgeois, Spiral Woman, from the portfolio La Reparation (The Reparation), state X of X, 2003.

Louise Bourgeois, Progression, 1990.

Louise Bourgeois, Ascension Lente (Slow Ascent), 1949.

Louise Bourgeois, Bosom Lady, state IV of V, 1948.

Louise Bourgeois, Spiral Woman, 1951-52.

Louise Bourgeois, Madeleine, 2000.

Louise Bourgeois, Spider, 1997.

Louise Bourgeois, Spider, 1997.

Livia Corona Benjamin, 47,547 Homes. Ixtapaluca, Mexico. 2009 – present.

Livia Corona Benjamin, Ten Thousand Three Hundred Square Feet Homes. 2009 – present.

Livia Corona Benjamin, Backyards. Durango, Mexico, 2009-present.

Livia Corona Benjamin, Nadie Sabe Nadie Supo I, 2015.

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