No. 321: Holiday clips: ‘East of the Mississippi’

Episode No. 321 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a holiday weekend re-air of host Tyler Green’s March conversation with curator Diane Waggoner. 

Waggoner is the curator of “East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography.” For several decades, the story of America’s nineteenth-century photographic history has mostly run through the West. Waggoner’s exhibition instead looks at how photographers looked at the region between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibition features 175 nineteenth-century photographs, including daguerreotypes, salted paper prints, albumen prints, stereographic prints and even paintings. It debuted at the National Gallery of Art this past spring, and it’s now at the New Orleans Museum of Art, where it will be on view through January 7. The exhibition catalogue was published by the NGA and Yale University Press. Amazon offers it for $41.

Images of art discussed on the program are available here.

Air date: December 28, 2017.

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