No. 338: Terry Winters, “Before the Fall”

Episode No. 338 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Terry Winters and art historian Stefanie Heckmann.

The Drawing Center in New York is showing “Terry Winters: Facts and Fictions,” a nearly four-decade survey of Winters’s drawing practice. The exhibition includes both wall-hung large-scale drawings and smaller works presented in vitrines. It was curated by Claire Gilman. The Drawing Center sells the catalogue for $20. It may be read online for free. Next month, New York’s Matthew Marks Gallery will present an exhibition of Winters’s recent paintings.

Terry Winters’s work has been the subject of many major exhibitions, including most recently a 2016-17 prints survey at the MFA Boston, a 2015 prints survey at the Louisiana in Denmark. Winters has also been the subject of exhibitions at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art, both in New York, the Whitechapel in London and the Kunsthalle Basel.

Winters was previously a guest on the program in 2012.

On the second segment, Stefanie Heckmann discusses “Before the Fall: German and Austrian Art of the 1930s” at New York’s Neue Galerie. The exhibition was curated by Olaf Peters; Heckmann wrote for the catalogue and is the head of the fine arts collection at the Berlinische Galerie Museum fur Moderne Kunst. The exhibition, which includes around 150 paintings and works on paper, looks at how artists in Germany and Austria responded to a decade marked by social disintegration, political chaos, and that effectively ended with the beginning of World War II. The show is on view through May 28. The exhibition’s excellent catalogue is available from Amazon for $37.

A Harvard Art Museums exhibition on the succeeding decade was featured on the program in February.

Air date: April 26, 2018.

Introductory two-page spread in the catalogue for “Terry Winters: Facts and Fictions.”

Terry Winters, Dark Plant 11, 1982.

Terry Winters, Botanical Subject, 1981.

Terry Winters, Three, 1989.

Terry Winters, Dome, 1985-86.

Terry Winters, Untitled (I), 1989.

Terry Winters, 7-Fold Sequence, Two, 2008.

Terry Winters, 7-Fold Sequence, One, 2008.

Terry Winters, Addendum/3, 2014.

Terry Winters, Untitled, 2015.

Terry Winters Strings (for Cabinet), 2012.

Magnus Zeller, The Total State (Hitler’s State), 1938, 1945.

Max Beckmann, Self-Portrait with Crystal Ball, 1936.

Otto Dix, Self-Portrait in Painter’s Smock with Crystal Ball and Palette, 1931.

Hans Grundig, The Thousand-Year Reich, 1935-38.

Richard Oelze, Expectation, 1935-36.

Felix Nussbaum, Self-Portrait in the Camp, 1940.

2 thoughts on “No. 338: Terry Winters, “Before the Fall”

  1. I am wondering the name of the first of Winter’s contemporaries you ask about. Thomas something. It’s difficult to hear, and I’d like to see what his work looks like.


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