It’s Ken Price week in New York! The late artist is the subject of two retrospectives opening this week: The Stephanie Barron-curated, LACMA-originated survey of Price’s sculpture opened yesterday at its final venue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’ll be there through September 22. A survey of Price’s works on paper debuts at The Drawing Center tomorrow and will remain on view through August 18. It was curated by Douglas Dreishpoon, the chief curator of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

The image at top is Price’s Underhung (1997). The second image is an acrylic-and-ink drawing, Liquid Rock (2004).

Barron was the lead guest on Episode No. 45 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast. She and host Tyler Green discussed Price’s work, his sense of humor, his tendency to include orifices in his work and much more. 

To hear about Ken Price on The MAN Podcast: Download the show directly to your PC/mobile device. Subscribe to The MAN Podcast via iTunes, SoundCloudRSS. See images of art discussed on the show.

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