Last year Philadelphia Weekley’s Tara Murtha wrote a fantastic cover story on artist Zoe Strauss, who was about to be the subject of a survey exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Last week Murtha’s story won a Pennsylvania Newspaper Association for best feature story. It’s an amazing piece. Do not miss it.

Strauss herself is pretty amazing. She was the guest on Episode No. 10 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast. She told the stories behind some of her photographs and even talked about the double-murder that happened on her block just before her show opened. If you love art and life and where they intersect, you’ll want to listen to this one over and over again. 

To listen: Download the Strauss show to your PC/mobile device. Subscribe via iTunes, RSS. See more images of the work Strauss and I discussed on the program.

Image: Strauss, Mattress Flip (detail), 2001. 

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