This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features Mexico City-based Belgian artist Francis Alÿs. 

Because Alÿs makes many of his films available via a Creative Commons license, each day this week will stream one of Alÿs’s videos.

Today’s film is Railings (Samples II), which Alÿs made in London in 2004 The film continues Alÿs’s interest in children’s games, which we discussed on this week’s MAN Podcast. Alÿs’s most recent work. REEL-UNREEL, features children playing a simple game. It’s now on view at David Zwirner gallery in New York. Alÿs made the film in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2011.

Download the Alÿs episode of The Modern Art Notes Podcast to your PC/mobile device by clicking (or right-clicking) here. Subscribe to The Modern Art Notes Podcast via iTunesSoundCloud or RSS. 

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