This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features the new Museum of Fine Arts Houston exhibition "War Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath." Anne Wilkes Tucker, the show’s co-curator (along with MFAH’s Will Michaels and Natalie Zelt) joins me to discuss the exhibition and the related 600-page book from the MFAH and the Yale University Press.

This is a detail from a picture of soldiers enjoying some wrestlin’-around horseplay while stationed in the Korengal Valley, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. The photo was taken by the late Tim Hetherington. It’s in the exhibition’s section on how soldiers spend their downtime. (See the full version here.)

The show, which opens this weekend and runs through February 3, includes almost 500 objects, images by more than 280 photographers on six continents, all of it covering 165 years of war. The exhibition and catalogue are presented thematically, with sections on war-related topics such as recruitment, training, daily routine, patrol, the wait, the fight itself, leisure time and more.

On the second segment I talk with Sarah Oppenheimer, a New York-based artist whose architectural interventions challenge our perception of space. Next week the Baltimore Museum of Art will re-open its remodeled contemporary wing. As part of the re-opening the museum will unveil two commissioned works by Oppenheimer that will be on view permanently at the museum. Photographs of the installations were unavailable as of show-time. When they become available I’ll add them here and feature them via social media, especially on our new Facebook page.

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Image: Luis Sinco, Marlboro Marine (detail), November 8, 2004. Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.