This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Fred Wilson and was taped live at the Toledo Museum of Art to celebrate the opening of "Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012." The exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Studio Glass movement and the TMA’s role in it. The show includes work by Wilson, Dan Flavin, Josiah McElheny and more. (Toledo has long been one of the world’s glass-manufacturing powerhouses.)

Wilson is best known for his works made not out of pigment-and-canvas or glass, but with museum collections. His work with his materials raises questions about historical narratives we’ve been taught, narratives that are often reinforced by collections and displays of cultural objects. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first and most famous of Wilson’s collection interventions, the landmark "Mining the Museum" show Wilson created at the Maryland Historical Society in conjunction with The Contemporary in Baltimore. On this week’s show Wilson tells a couple stories from “Mining the Museum,” including about the remarkable, unlikely link between his experience at the Maryland Historical Society and the silver and shackles in this installation, Metalwork, 1723-1880 (1992). (This image is also on the back cover of a new book of writings on Wilson’s work, "Fred Wilson: A Critical Reader," edited by Doro Globus.)

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